Proudly self sufficient, sustainable housing managed by a community organisation in our 40th year of operations

Buyinbin has been providing low cost housing to local Aboriginal people since the purchase of its first homes in 1982.

Currently Buyinbin has 16 homes and 4 units.

To be eligible for housing the following criteria must be met.

Applicants must:

  • Be Aboriginal descent and identify as such in the community.
  • Be a permanent resident of Casino.
  • Not already living in subsidised housing such as Dept of Housing.
  • Be low income earners.

All applicants will be placed on the waiting list until a home becomes available.

Although Buyinbin is committed to working in partnership with government it will be to the benefit of Buyinbin, our tenants and our community to do so. In 2006 we were supported by the AHO to do repairs and maintenance but since that time we have been able to improve our service provision.

We have been so successful in improving our housing program that we no longer require funding to support it. Not only are we maintaining our properties to a high standard, we are now looking at ways to improve their value. Some houses are being repainted and some are having fences erected. In 2007 we had insulation installed in all of our homes.

We are a proud organisation and we can take pride in the fact that our housing program is 100% self sufficient.

We are proud of our achievement in the management of properties and the way in which we work with our tenants. We have developed policies to guide us in how we deal with issues such as;

  • Property inspections
  • Maintaining properties to adequate standards
  • Management of Rent Arrears

Databases that we have developed ourselves help make our job easier. One database calculates rents as a percentage so we are able to see at a glance;

  • Individual tenant arrears
  • Total tenants arrears
  • Percentage of rents collected for the week, month, year..

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