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Buyinbin Aboriginal Corporation was established in 1975 by concerned Elders who were family and friends in the Aboriginal community living in Casino. The Elders of that time were concerned about the high needs of the Aboriginal community. It was difficult to get Real Estate agents who were willing to lease houses to Aboriginal people. Therefore there were not enough houses for Aboriginal people which created overcrowding.

There was high Aboriginal unemployment rate. Aboriginal people were more likely to be employed by government or an Aboriginal organisation rather than be employed in mainstream. The Elders were acutely aware that our Aboriginal community were largely unskilled which made it difficult to find employment. Education was also a major contributing factor to our unskilled labour force directly impacting on our high unemployment rate.

In 1980 Buyinbin Aboriginal Corporation became incorporated, our constitution stated the Objects for our Association were established as follows;

‘To arrest social disintegration within the Aboriginal community while simultaneously fostering, advancing, improving and maintaining the well being of members and their families and of Aboriginal people in general. This will occur through the following primary and secondary objectives:

    a) Purchase and otherwise providing land, houses and buildings for the benefit of members and their families.
    b) Carry out educational, training and employment activities for the benefit of members and their families.’

In 1982 Buyinbin Aboriginal Corporation purchased its first home and its first commercial property in 1987.  Since then we have increased our properties which includes commercial properties.

The Board of Directors decided in 2005 to become a Community Development Employment Program (CDEP) provider.  In 2006 we applied for funding to build the Training and Skills Centre. In 2010 Buyinbin Aboriginal Corporation is still a CDEP provider and has recently become a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Our RTO will be known as Buyinbin Community College and was completed in 2011 on the same site as the Jambama Arts Centre.

In 2011 Buyinbin Aboriginal Corporation achieved our founding members’ goals in providing housing, education, employment and training for our community.

Buyinbin is administered by a Board of Directors and its programs are administered by CEO Diana McElligott, project coordinators and administration officers and has the following programs;

  • Housing.
  • Jambama Arts Centre (Gallery and workshop).
  • Family Support Project.
  • Buyinbin Community College.

CDEP ceased in all communities on 30 June 2014.  We wonder how long it will be before the government realises what it has done...

Buyinbin encourages and supports the development of Aboriginal businesses.

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